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I charge my customers extra for using credit/debit cards . Is this ok?

Manually adding charges to customers using credit cards is forbidden. Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Amex are currently cracking down on this and if caught the merchant could face the following penalties:
1. TMF (Terminated Merchant File) & added to MATCH list which prevents them from ever accepting credit cards again
2. $50k fine from each provider (Visa, MasterCard , Amex, discover)
Our Terminals are pre-programmed and authorized to add a flat rate to each transaction to offset the cost of processing sales.

I’m scared I will lose customers with any small change that will help me profit. Should I be afraid?

Customers are already paying fees in many other businesses so this does not come as a surprise to them. Our merchants are no longer setting minimum credit card purchase requirements and are actually seeing an increase in sales. The feedback is consistent. For the first 30-60 days 5%-10% of customers ask a question about the small change less than 1% of customers have turned down the sale due to the slight adjustment. Remember, when the customer pays cash we offer incentives . Our business owners have reported an increase in cash sales and profits across the board.

Other Businesses that charge Fees:
1. Paying a Parking Ticket online
2. Utilities such Electric, Gas & Water charge anywhere from $5 top $10 for using a credit card to pay your bill.
3. Cell phone & Cable bills are comprised of fees that no one understands
4. ATM’s charge fees and then your Bank charges you a fee for using the another banks ATM (you pay twice)
5. Buying a movie ticket online cost an additional $5 for the convenience.
6. Using you card to buy gas costs an additional 2% per gallon
And many more...

As a 3rd Party Processor, why do you charge a convenient flat rate? 

On many transactions the cost we pay to process the interchange transaction can be more than 4%.

The flat rate covers:
1. All Transaction Costs (except EBT)
2. Merchant online portal access
3. Fraud Protection
4. Processing Platform
5. Next Day Funding (see qualified businesses)
6. Chargeback Assistance
7. 24/7 Customer Support

Remember, there is no cost to you, so there is no bill or profits taken at the end of the month. As a bonus a portion is donated to several different charitable companies.
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